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Spatial8 publishes a weekly newsletter. We also create a news show for every AWE Nite Northern XR meet up. In both the newsletter and news show we include updates from our business ecosystem regarding new digital innovations and digital services.


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Spatial News™ #040

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

This week we focus on the metaverse and the self, crypto gaming and NFTs, Generative AI in VR, If Virtual Reality was Honest, Nordic VR Forum 2022, AWE EU 2022 recap, & more!

Spatial News™ is officially 40… “Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.” - Carl G. Jung, Sigmund Freud’s shadow

This is a very insightful long-form analogy about how

via a breakdown of the documentary on the making of the Obi-Wan series on Disney+.

It deserves a read and a re-read and a re…

(Brava, Heather!)

Once you’ve gotten to the other side (and, no, not to meet a monkey or a kitty), it’s time for

“Amidst the noise, there have emerged a few talented GameFi entrepreneurs advancing the space - all while flagging key concerns around unsustainable economies, high valuations, team inexperience, and structure/regulation […] [Still] there is significant opportunity from experienced developers that have the ambition and experience to build web3 games that will matter to the gaming mainstream.”

Thanks to Peter Bergstrom for sharing and the summary (where I got the quote above). Read the article for more.

There’s no slowing down now, though.

Generative AI in VR for gaming. This is pretty much what I was getting at in SN #038 and #039. The difference is that it’s already here.

Wanna little break? Veg on a vid.

“What if Virtual Reality companies like Meta and Oculus were actually honest about how horrifically terrible they are? Roger Horton investigates.”

Must watch. This is hilarious! Honest Ads (usually) doesn’t miss.

You don’t need a rest? Here’s some extra reading material for the nerds.

You can read the white paper above, or you can read Keir Finlow-Bates’ funner summary/commentary.

Get those terms right. It’s a big part of being included in any culture. Thanks to Anthony Day for sharing.

We’ve gotten to the

Event Horizon:

Cup to the wall, here are some juicy tidbits from a private conversation between me and Teemu

On the plane to Lisbon (pt. 1)

Joh: What do you think, could the metaverse be built on a network parallel to the Internet? Teemu (25 years in IT, and naturally curious to figure things out): Short answer, no. Long answer: It can logically be [built] on a [parallel] network, but not physically. It [the Internet] is so vast and built over so many decades that building a network parallel to that is not possible. Whatever the solution in the future, it will run over the same IP (Internet Protocol) that the current Internet is running on, but it can have new services like name servers and domains. Those can be something new, but it will need IP addresses and TCP/IP [the communication protocols used to connect network devices] connectivity. Joh: What about Starlink? Teemu: Starlink can solve the problem of the “last mile”. It can take the connectivity from the end device to the first network device (the network device being the Starlink satellite), but whenever the IP packet drops down to earth it will use the same IP core as the rest of the Internet to reach its destination.

There you have it, folks. Until scientists and engineers figure out how to feasibly create wormholes, stabilize them, and keep them open long enough to send digital information encoded in light back in time, love it or hate it, the Internet seems like it’ll be the infrastructure of the metaverse.

<Joh commences to kick a can down the road, hands in his pockets, contemplating space-time.>

Haven’t had enough? Hear some of our major takeaways from

AWE EU 2022

Since we started Spatial8 back in 2020 right when corona crowned, we are kinda XR event newbs. So we compiled some tips for attending events abroad based on our experience and observation:

  1. Have a plan of action before arriving. Are you there to meet investors, partners or clients? Strengthening and growing your network? Trying on cool new tech and creating viral content? A bit of everything? Manage your time and energy. Unless you’re one of those social butterflies that feeds off the nectar of interaction you will burn your wings being too ambitious.

  2. Arrive a day early so you can be fresh as a daisy for the first day.

  3. Unless you’ve finished all of the most relevant business the first day, leave the afterparty by 10 so you don’t waste the entire next day looking and feeling like a tumbleweed.

  4. If you can, stick around an extra day or so to enjoy the locale where the event is located.

  5. There’s more, I’m sure of it, but I’ll leave it to the more marinated.

You can read more recap in my LinkedIn post.

Enjoy a snap! (Taken by Tan Lay)

On the 1st & 2nd of November in Hamar, Norway is the “year's biggest XR event in Scandinavia” (and it’ll be hybrid).

  • Learn about the use of XR in healthcare, education, cultural heritage, and gaming

  • See real metaverse cases from small and large companies like Meta, Microsoft, Capgemini, and Vizrt

  • Network with actors in the public sector

Nordic VR Forum is battling for supremacy (the way siblings do) against MatchXR’s biggest annual XR & emerging tech event in the Nordics” on November 16 (which I’ll cover in next months’s SN #041). I don’t have a horse in this race but best believe I’ll be watching with my binoculars.

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The Immersive Wire provides a concise summary of the news about the metaverse each week, alongside analysis of the trends that matters. The newsletter is curated by Tom Ffiske every Wednesday and Sunday, and enjoyed by thousands of professionals.

Sponsored by The Immersive Wire

Landz NFT Deployment in Spatial is ongoing.

Holders will be able to customize & personalize their Landz NFT assets on Spatial with the project’s upcoming deployment.

Landz Estates is a premium real estate NFT Collection comprising 5000 Mansions, 1500 Museums, and 500 HQs. With gravity-defying designs, the Estates’ NFTs boast interoperability unlike ever before. All Landz assets are interoperable across various metaverses, including but not limited to The Sandbox, Spatial, Decentraland, SuperWorld, PolyLand, Somnium Space, etc.

Whether you own virtual land parcels on these platforms or not, as Landz Holder (and members of our club), you will be able to deploy your real estate assets across all these platforms in just a few clicks.

With their recent “REVEAL” being a huge hit, the recurring question that the project has been receiving for the past few days is - “when do holders actually get to use their NFT assets?”

Well, the Landz team is happy to announce that their First-ever Deployment in Spatial is ongoing.

Using Spatial’s in-built customization options, holders will be able display their NFT art, products, and services, use screen share, hold virtual events, corporate meetings, etc.-- the use cases are just limitless.

So, are you ready?

The mint is still ongoing at

Check them out today on their website and Twitter, and join their Discord for exclusive information, offers and more.

Sponsored by Landz

See you in a couple, Spatialists! Thanks for joining us!

Joh of Spatial8, a spider surfing the waves on the web, trying to bee

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