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Spatial8 publishes a weekly newsletter. We also create a news show for every AWE Nite Northern XR meet up. In both the newsletter and news show we include updates from our business ecosystem regarding new digital innovations and digital services.


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Spatial News™ #052

Updated: May 29, 2023

This week we're all about the metaverse, AI, Eurovision, and more things you love/hate, plus Spatial News™ from Finland!

Welcome to the 52 Pickup of the tech newsletter world- Spatial News™! "Here we go, yo, here we go, yo, So what, so what, so what's the scenario?" - chorus from A Tribe called Quest's "Scenario" from their classic album The Low End Theory

Metaverse, Metaverse, Metaverse:

"The darkverse is a space that will exist within this world [the metaverse] that, like today's Dark Web, will offer a safe space for free speech and expression against oppressive entities and governments. It will equally be a place for illegal and criminal activities with marketplaces that cater to a wide criminal audience."

In one of my very first interviews about the metaverse I mentioned that it will be a "virtual place for people to escape reality plus a place to work, play, and do crime" or something along those lines. It was said tongue in cheek yet everything after the 'plus' part was edited out by the interviewer because it's bad marketing to "associate that word [crime] with my work".

Totally true, but, if and when, a metaverse springs fully formed from Zeus' skullcap everything that I said will also be true. And the 'darkverse' (sheesh) will be the Shadow of the shadow realm.

🎶 "Try, try, try to separate them

It's an illusion

Try, try, try and you will only come

To this conclusion..." 🎶

No, Tom Ffiske isn't pulling a Don Quixote defending Dulcinea, the Don's unseen lady love.

"The fundamentals of the spatial internet remain strong, though with large technical challenges that companies are addressing behind closed R&D doors. I expect AI to be integrated into web-based metaverse platforms to help support the creation of worlds, and for that to help spread its development further."


Ay, Ay, Ai

  • Geoffrey Hinton, "the Godfather of AI" (or, how I like to call him, the "Godfather of Soulless"), resigned from Google saying "Right now, [AI chatbots are] not more intelligent than us, as far as I can tell. But I think they soon may be[...] I'm 75, so it's time to retire [before the scat hits the fan]". Well played, sir.

  • AI models are here. Can they actually improve fashion representation? As Jade McSorley, who shared the article rightfully pointed out, what's been lacking in discussion about the topic is the "perspective [of the consumers and models that this affects] instead of just the brands and companies benefitting from this technology." Right on. Besides that though, the question in the title doesn't make sense. Wouldn't artificial beings simulating humans models only represent artificial beings simulating humans models, or did I miss something?

  • ChatGPT, AI Technology Is Silicon Valley's Hail Mary to Avoid Collapse "Silicon Valley is hoping and praying that AI hype can keep customers and investors distracted until their balance sheets can bounce back. Sure, rushing out an unproven new technology to distract from the problems of the tech industry and global economy may be a bit ill-advised. But, hey..." Is this the 'scat hitting the fan'? (Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Funk for sharing.)

  • Scientists Use GPT AI and fMRI to Passively Read People's Thoughts in Breakthrough (except that Meta already did it; I wrote about it in SN #038) It always brings a tear to my eye when people make St. George of the Clan of Orwell seem more and more like a prophet.

"You shouldn't have to register your voice or your face [they aren't your inventions, after all, but] people should have the right to have commercial control over how their likeness or voice is used in kind of the same way that patents allow inventors to block the use of their invention.
If our existing legal apparatus doesn't protect who we are, perhaps it's time for a new legal construct."

Or is this the scat hitting the fan?

(I tried to capture Keir Finlow-Bates' argument in his own words as succinctly as possible. Look, ma, no GPT-4.)

At least the best of (actors and models) will have these opportunities.

Simon Portman, is this something that the folks at Marks & Clerk are looking into?

Spatial News™ from Finland

Partnering with United Imaginations FI Warner Music Finland, our ecosystem partners at Zoan turned their digital twin of Helsinki's Senate Square into a Fortnite experience featuring Finland's popular Eurovision 2023 contestant Käärijä.

Players can explore the Square while trying to wipe out waves of zombies and bust a move to the artist's "Cha Cha Cha"-themed music.

Haven't had enough of the guy with the bowl cut?

(I honestly thought he was wearing a poorly made floatation device.)

Another of Spatial8's ecosystem partners, flyAR got tapped to create the effect.

Finland's got Eurovision fever and no amount of paracetamol or ibuprofen can help it. #prayforfinland

Upcoming Event Alert!

The conference will bring together companies, educational institutions, XR experts, technology experts, and pioneers utilizing emerging technologies from Central Finland.

The event will be in Finnish and is organized in cooperation with JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Spatial8 by the Xpand: Augmented Reality Competence Development project, funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Central Finland from the European Social Fund (ESF).

Put March 16th on your calendar and get ready for one of the most impressive live events of the Finnish spring!

Follow the link in the tile to check out the agenda. See you there!

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Thanks for joining us again this week, Spatialists!

Joh of Spatial8, who actually likes when 'scenario' is pronounced 'skenario' by Finns and Spaniards but would never be caught dead saying it that way

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