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Spatial8 publishes a weekly newsletter. We also create a news show for every AWE Nite Northern XR meet up. In both the newsletter and news show we include updates from our business ecosystem regarding new digital innovations and digital services.


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Spatial News™ #047

This week we focus on VR for healthcare, VR professionals, XR terminology, Nokia, metaverse, AR glasses, Helsinki, mobile gaming, Finnish National Opera and Ballet, & more!

I’ve provided you much space/time for contemplation and tea drinking, Spatialists. (I’ve been out to sea this past month, but “I’m back on my plank” as the Kouriers say.) Welcome to the 47th issue of Spatial News™! “城の浪人” - Joh (said the way a samurai in a movie would say it)

In this edition we receive

where Tim Fitzpatrick explores…

VR for healthcare. (You thought I was gonna say Pluto or something that sounds worse, right? Gotcha, you dirty birdy!)

As Dr. Brennan Spiegel puts it in his Digital Health article, “We don’t need to rely on medications as much as we think we do.”

‘Nuff said.


Of course, read the rest of the article to find out the state of the art in VR for healthcare.

Let’s say you’re a VR slob. Well, here are

Whether it’s XR Blogger, XR Dev, or CTO, Antony Vitillo, has you covered.

Lesson 3 (I think. They aren’t numbered.): In terms of being an VR blogger, “Be constant, be consistent[…] keeping blogging every week…”

Rat Things! And here I thought dropping a blog semi-randomly like episodes from a post-post-modern cartoon for adults would do the trick.

Avi Bar-Zeev is trying to “keep the data straight” and has provided this insightful

Timeline of Common XR Terminology

Check out SN #011 and #014 if you’re interested to read a bit more about the histories of VR and AR, respectively.

In Sn #041 we shared a HMD (“VR googly eyes” for the uninitiated) positioning map, and now we have Augumenta’s own

where they “concentrate on devices that:

  1. are available for purchase: no prototypes, concepts, renders or reference designs

  2. have a display

  3. either have a processing unit or can be connected to one

  4. can run custom applications (no one-trick-ponies)”

Nokia, though, doesn’t have googly eyes, nor do they have 2020 vision. They’ve got 2030 vision and they see

“Luckily, the world is now approaching the ‘big inversion’ – a new ecosystem of 5G and key-related technologies such as edge cloud infrastructure, softwarisation, augmented intelligence/machine learning, as well as advanced sensors and robotics. Infused with these capabilities that we refer to as 5G+, the Operational Technologies in physical and digital industries will find the necessary solutions to undergo the much needed digital transformation within the next ten years.”

So that

“By 2030, everything taking place in the digital world will affect the physical one and vice versa, and every physical object that can be linked to the digital world will be connected.”

<Be ready to whisper, “SnowScan…”>

The Blockchain Gandalf wrote an article based on an article shared by Rafael Brown about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and how Fred Rogers was so meticulous in the wording his chose for his audience (children). It was a demanding process and represented his respect for the inner life and understanding of children.

As Keir puts it, Fred Rogers was a “master of user experience” (of which I can attest since I watched the show as a lamb and still remember it fondly). Finlow-Bates distills the spirit of this process into the saying,

“Care about your users the way you care about yourself”

(I know I’ve read a version of that some where… I’m being sarcastic, you Philistines, I know where I’ve read that), which he applies to how he programs his Orthoverse project. That’s really as user-centered as it gets.

Spatial News from Finland:

Spatial8 ecosystem partners (and superstars of Finnish XR) Varjo and Zoan partnered with the Finnish National Opera and Ballet to bring audiences Puccini’s opera Turandot.

Unfortunately, you just missed its run, but as a consolation here are two videos about setting up the XR Stage and a 2D version of the opera in its nearly 3-hour glory.

Photo Courtesy Varjo and The Finnish National Opera and Ballet

While this next piece of news is not emerging tech related, it just goes to show what kind of cred we have here in Finland (Nokia also greatly influenced the tech startup scene, which includes XR).

“With studios that are ‘punching above their weight for a country this size’, […] local people are more aware of the work of developers and respect the [gaming] industry as a really important one for the future of the country.”

Here’s to the same thing being said about the Finnish XR/spatial computing/metaverse industry in the near future.

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See you sooner than later, Spatialists!

Joh of Spatial8, on a (verbal) vendetta like the Shijūshichishi

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